Olives & Olive paste

1. Black & Green Natural Olives,

2. Olive Wrings & Slices

3. Black & Green Olive Paste.

4. Stuff Olives

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Greece is the country in the world where the olives are part of the tradition and culture. The unique Aegean climate, the sunlight and the sea moisture  creates  the proper conditions for the olive trees’ cultivation. In the past, ancient Greeks used to offer a olive wreath ( kotinos ) as a prize for the winner of the ancient Olympic Games. According to the Greek ancient history (Pausanias in 752 BC),  it was first given during the 6th Olympic Games by replacing the former apple fruit prize. According to the mythology the apple fruit was introduced as a prize for the “winner of the road”, the oldest race, by the demigod Hercules, in honor of his father Zeus.