Doron is the Greek word for “gift”. Every single drop is, therefore, a gift from the Greek land to the universe. Being one of the oldest plants of Greece, the olive tree gathers in this product the unsurpassed flavour of its juice.

It is an authentic organic extra virgin olive oil stemmed from selected olive groves of Laconia, a well-known producing olive oil region in the south-eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. Doron combines the consistency and stability of high nutritional value of organic extra virgin olive oil with harmony in taste. Both its harvesting and processing procedures exclude any use of chemicals. It is characterised by its very low acidity and its fruity taste. The rich aroma of freshly cut olives overflows, while it is accompanied with its bright green colour. It is distinguished by its high nutritional value, providing superior culinary delights. The product is packaged in unique, elegant glass containers of 250ml and 500ml. At the same time, it is complemented by a premium packaging mentioning all the necessary information based on the food standards legislation with the method of golden hot stamping in the Greek and English language.

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